Must Read: University Of Hard Knocks – Article By Charly Boy

Wow, this is a very inspirational article written by
Charly Boy. Every young Nigerian should read this….
“Last week, as I dragged my lazy bone out of bed
to go keep faith with my morning routine in my
gym, to serve some punishment to my body. My
intercom rang; it was The Punk Place security
notifying me of the stubborn young man who
aggressively insisted that he wasn’t going to leave
till he sees me. As I lazily walked to my garden to
meet this “won’t take NO for an answer” youth
waiting to see me, in my head I already
apportioned 3minutes with him, so I can get back
to the first business of the day.
I came face to face with a tired looking, angry,
frustrated young man who from his looks was
weather beaten by the harsh reality of our
environment. Not again, the voice in my head
screamed. As I sat and listened to his stories of
woes, I felt like hugging him, not because I was
insensitive to what’s happening in his life, but
pleasantly surprised with his diction, spoken
English, his logic was too matured and too
cultured for a 26yr old Biology graduate from Uni-
Lag. Long story short, he didn’t come to beg for
money, he just wanted someone to talk to
because like he said, he was practically going
insane. Never been able to secure a job,
desperate to find fulfillment with himself because
gradually his mind was failing him. He left me
shocked that morning because he also turned
down the money I offered him after our
conversation. He said to me, “I have nothing in my
pocket but I am not here for the money, I just
need to talk to someone, I just need something
self-fulfilling, I need to know what to do.”
With no other thing to offer him I decided to
enroll him in my University of Hard-Knocks…
In UHK (university of hard knocks) by fire by force,
you will learn the skill called rugged ability. Where
you get hurt, get f..ked, make mistakes and
corrections with so much intensity.
To graduate in UHK, you need Skills that can be
had by anyone willing to pay the price to get
them, skills that are quickly becoming extinct. I
am talking about skills that cannot be taught in a
classroom or in a textbook, skills you can only
learn by doing, by learning how to fly after
jumping off the cliff. Shey you know. No
successful person has had it easy, everyone that
has managed to accomplish his/her dream paid a
prize, if they didn’t their father did, if not their
father then someone else did. Because life is hard,
anyone who must conquer must play hard. The
bitter reality, no one gives a s**t whether or not
majority of our graduates are hopeless. It simply
means that OYO is your case.
I dey tell people every time say the only solution
to joblessness na self-reliance. If you dey wait for
white collar job, tori olon is your name. If you dey
fast and do night vigil to get job, your name na
As a young person or old maybe, never let any
situation drown you, try your best in everything
and let all the things that didn’t work for you be
lessons for your future.
Some have the ideas but are probably confused
how to start because, no money for pocket and
nobody send you, but whatever it is that you want,
put all your hustle in. Gradually no matter how
slow, your dreams would begin to take shape.
My biggest problem with young people of this day
is that they have no patience at all; they want it
like now now now. Some are even brain washed
thinking that praying hard enough will bring them
good fortune. They spend all their time in church
praying for a miracle while they should be out
there strategizing. Such pity… hard work and
tenacity is what pays. Everything must have a
beginning, if no one is willing to help, start from
the scratch, no matter how little, water it and let it
grow. Help might come along the way when
people begin to see your zeal and push but if no
one does, keep persisting anyway.
Waiting to start on a ‘reasonable’ pay or job might
leave you stranded, frustrated and hopeless.
Some people are even afraid to start small
because their peers will laugh at them but that is
total rubbish, if you give a care what people think
then you are probably already doomed from the
I started from the scratch, my parents didn’t help
neither did their friends, if your parents don’t
believe in your dream who will? I relocated to my
village after returning from America because I
couldn’t pay any bills living in town and I had
already fallen out with my parents, I stated selling
at a beer parlor while I nursed my dream and
strategized how to rise with it.
In life, one has to finding a way out no matter how
bleak it gets. Success is not for those who give up
along the line or those who would not begin
because there was no one to give them a push.
I was really impressed by this young man I met
because even though he had been stock and didn’t
know what to do, he rather wanted to be taught
how to catch fish rather than be given fish. He
sought a way and certainly he would find.
Sometimes you need to consult those that have
been there before you.
For every single move you make, people are
watching you, when you stand out and is
determined about that particular thing you believe
in, someone might just be tempted to invest in
The situation of the country should already be a
warning alarm to all but only the graduates of the
Street University and the members of the
University of Hard-knocks would know. Nothing
takes them by surprise. Nah thing…”

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