“ Nigeria Needs ABenevolent DictatorAnd Not A Man WhoIs Indecisive AndAfraid”– Charly Boy

Charly Boy shared this on his
Facebook page:

Nigeria needs the kind of
leader that people are
afraid of, one that
commands tremendous
respect, charismatic with a
lot of enigmatic swagg.
We have had enough of
biscuit, baba
sala, yahoo.com leaders,
we need someone who
can whip people back to
shape, because many tinz
Someone who can turn
around most of the things
that have gone wrong,
because right now nobody
is afraid of anything,
impunity is the order of the
day. This country needs a
man who is selfless and
ready for the ultimate
sacrifice, one who smells
different, has the guts and
is strong enough to shake
Nigeria to its roots, by
dealing roughly with some
motherfuckers who have
messed up this country.
Nigeria doesn’t need a
man who is indecisive
about things and afraid,
she needs a man who is
tough enough to confront
the wolves. Nigeria needs
a benevolent dictator. It’s
really time for some Ass
kicking. How you see the

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