Ladies, 6 Simple Steps On How To Draw Your Eyebrows


Drawing your eyebrows is an easy way to add definition to brows and face. Eyebrows frame the face so its very important they come out just right so you don’t look like you just got hit by a bus.



Are you having troubles drawing that perfect brow? Not to worry, here are 6 simple steps on how to draw that perfect eyebrows:

  1. To begin choose an eyebrow pencil that suits your skin color, start by brushing out your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush


2. Draw a slanted line just below your brows.

3. Then draw another slanted line a little above your brows.

4. Mark your arch by lining up the end of your pupil, place a dot on that line on your brow bone.

5. Using dots lightly outline the shape you want your eyebrow to take.

6. Fill in your brows by using tiny strokes. Blend the…

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