Two Teachers Accused of Raping 3 Kindergarten Students [VIDEO]

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 A man and a woman were arrested for sexually assaulting 3 students.

45-year-old Neil Bantleman from Canada, and teaching assistant Ferdinant Tjiong of Indonesia, were accused of sexually assaulting students.

Bantleman was an administrator at a prestigious school in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they allegedly committed the crimes.
Although Bantleman maintained his innocence, the court found him guilty of violating Indonesia’s Child Protection Law and Criminal Code.

Bantleman, who is a married man, maintained his innocence of the charges that he sexually abused three kindergartners at the Jakarta Intercultural School.

However, the three-panel judge found him guilty of the charges. Both he and the teacher’s assistant were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Bantleman was also ordered to pay a fine of approximately $7,700 or face an additional 6 more months in jail.

Bantleman said that he would appeal the verdict. “Today is completely a miscarriage of justice, I’ll keep fighting,”…

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