Giuliana Rancic Comes Clean About Her Weight


Giuliana Rancic has revealed intimate
moments and bared plenty of private
heartache on her reality television
But when the Twitter sphere erupted
over her drastically thinner
appearance at the Golden Globes on
Jan. 11, the E! News anchor and
Fashion Police cohost kept the pain
she felt to herself.
“I was so shocked,” she says. “You
don’t say to someone, ‘You look so
disgusting, you must have an eating
disorder.’ If someone really thought I
had an eating disorder, what a
horrible way to approach it! It was
very hurtful.”
Now, for the first time, she has
decided to address the issue head-
on- as well as to open up about that
other media firestorm: the uproar
following her post-Oscar Fashion
Police quip that Zendaya, who sported
long dreadlocks on the red carpet,
probably smelled of “patchouli oil and
After Zendaya spoke out against what
she felt were “ignorant slurs,” Rancic
says she began “getting death
threats,” and within weeks her Fashion
Police co-hosts Kelly Osbourne and
Kathy Griffin resigned, both
referencing their discomfort with the
show’s direction.

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