Pedophile Sentenced to 25 Years After Being Beaten By Child’s Father


A man who was severely beaten by
the father of a young boy he was
allegedly molesting will spend the
next 25 years behind bars.
Raymond Frolander, who was 18 at
the time of his arrest, took a plea
bargain with a Daytona, Florida, court
on Thursday to avoid a mandatory
life-sentence for sexually abusing a
minor. Instead, he pled no contest to
a charge of lewd or lascivious
molestation of a child, NBC reports .
The story made headlines when
pictures surfaced of Frolander’s
bruised and swollen face – the result
of a brutal beating he suffered at the
hands of the 11-year-old boy’s father,
who beat him unconscious after
catching Frolander in the act.
“I just walked in and found a grown
man molesting [my child], and I’ve
got him in a bloody puddle for you
right now,” Jason Browning, the boy’s
father, told police on the day of the
beating last summer, CNN reported.


No charges were brought against
Browning for the assault.
Frolander was like a family member
to Browning’s son and had been
molesting him for some tie, Daytona
Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood
When asked whether he had a
problem with the apparent
vigilantism, Chitwood told CNN, “Not
as a police chief and not as a father.”
When Frolander is released from
prison he will be required to register
as a sex offender and will be outfitted
with a GPS monitor, according to
“He’s going to learn in the next 25
years why I let him live,” Browning
told WESH after the verdict.

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