Never a Waste

Today's Retro - Modern music with a retro sound

Haley Reinhart has been getting some recent notice through her guest vocalist appearances on youtube sensation Postmodern Jukebox’s channel. But what you might not remember was that she was a contestant on season ten of American Idol. Reinhart even released a thoroughly retro inspired debut album back in 2012.  that’s where “Wasted Tears” comes from.

Make no mistake, Reinhart is the star of the track, her vocals smoky and sultry, a throwback to soulful pop singers such as Martha Reeves. “Wasted Tears” even resembles Martha Reeves and the Vandella’s “Heat Wave.” There is also a soul-gospel feel to the start of the song with a choir of “oooooh’s” that continue throughout the track.

“Wasted Tears” is full of sass in its lyrics alone

“So take your promises, get on your way/I’m burning memories up in flames/Cause I can see now the clouds are clear/I’ve been crying, wasted, wasted tears”


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