Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL


Tim Tebow is coming back to the
According to Sports Illustrated , the
27-year-old quarterback will sign with
the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday,
part of the team’s aggressive new
rebuilding strategy.
It’s welcome news for Tebow, whose
last NFL game was in 2012 with the
New York Jets.
Despite having a couple years without
an NFL home, Tebow – one of
PEOPLE’s 2014 Sexiest Men Alive –
never gave up on his dream to return
to professional football.
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Last month – the day before he tried
out for the Eagles – Tebow walked
along a golf course with PEOPLE and
talked about his imminent return to
the NFL.
“I have a lot of exciting opportunities
coming up,” he said, pantomiming a
touchdown pass.
“Football really means a lot to me,” he
said. “I wouldn’t work as hard as I do
if I didn’t care so much about it. I
train about six days a week. I’m
training at the same intensity as I did
when I was playing football. I’ve done
it for my entire life and I love it. I try
to be active and to keep my body in
the best shape I can possibly be in.”
During his years away from the NFL,
Tebow concentrated on his charity
work with The Tim Tebow Foundation .
The foundation has many facets,
including Timmy’s Playrooms in
children’s hospitals, the W15H
program that grants wishes to sick
teens, and a five-story hospital in the
Philippines. The foundation also
includes Orphan Care , a program that
provides support to orphans and
grants to families adopting children
with special needs.
Last month, the foundation
introduced Night to Shine, a
worldwide prom night for people with
special needs.
With his return to the NFL, Tebow
emphasized that his charitable work
will continue. “We’re always looking
for more ways that the foundation
can help others. I want to build a
legacy that is greater than football.”
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