There some unbelievable things happening among us, Angels are living amongst us!! see this story for yourself.

Real angel pictures for examination.
Gander at our collection of angel photos
from around the world. Our library of angel
pictures features real photos (not artistic
renderings) to view, possible evidence of
angels in our midst!
Believe it or not, people from around the
globe have, from time to time, collected
possible snapshot captures of angelic
As we receive them, we add the
photograph submissions to our galleries
and archives. If you are into angel
photography, then you’ll enjoy sections of
older or famous angel pics, or perhaps, the
entire angel pictures archive.

This real angel picture
is commonly seen on
the web (some think it
to be a ghost or hoax)
and was taken after an
auto accident. The
passengers in the car
survived, which lead
many to believe a real
angel assisted them
and was caught in this
picture. Is it a fake or
real picture of a ghost
or an angel entity? You

Real Pictures of
Guardian Angels are linking out,
some are helping to save lives, we capture some in the sky, can you take this as fake? or true?
a lot of investigation as be done on this and I can prove it to you that, this is true, Angels live amongst us. By Solomon Raja.

see below Image that will get you thinking!
Pictures of Real Angels

I dont know if this is
real picture or not,.but
It could be because
Angels are real beings
and they also have
ability to create
pictures and forms into
the clouds.

Go on check this
picture out…. see both
of them? so are angels
real? More

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