The “Why is he not passing the Popcorn?” syndrome.



Recently I went out to watch two movies: Piku and Avengers. Both of them great movies. Avengers being slightly on the boring side. A ‘non Superhero’ fan is unlikely to like it. I liked it. Great Science fiction story. Beautiful graphics. I don’t know how they do it. Detaching a small land mass from earth, flying it and then blasting it mid-air. Almost making a crater in the Earth. Creating intelligent robots that can fly, replicate themselves (not really replicating, producing more of their kinds) and come up with a plan to destroy Earth. It really blows your mind off. The best part of the movie is where Tony Stark calls ‘Veronica’. It his another robot prototype which rests in a satellite above Earth (looked like that) makes him stronger than Hulk, and it repairs him instantly.

On the other hand there was Piku, where Amitabh struggles with his motion…

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