VIDEO: HKN Gang Member Exhibits Hilarious Scene

House Of Ace


One of Davido’s HKN gang members
‘MoneyMakerHKN’ created a scene at a GTBbranch after fraudsters hit his account with an N880,000 debit.

According to reports, MMH was on his own when he suddenly received a debit alert of N880k from his GTB account.

The alert allegedly came from some London-based fraudsters.

Furiously, he stormed the closest branch of GTB.

When he wasn’t getting the needed attention, he sat on the floor lamenting, creating a scene.

He had arrived the bank in the company of a woman and a little child.
The woman with him got embarrassed and wanted him to be civil but he shouted at her saying:

“If we leave here, you are no longer paying the school fees of the child o”.

A security officer later told him to calm down as it’s the young girl’s creator that is allowing him to make the money.

He responded by…

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