The title of Jurassic World should have been Jurassic Park Vs Jurassic World.


What should have been the title of Jurassic World.

If you have watched “jurassic world” at the middle and end of the movie only one thing that comes to the mind of those who have been following the movie since 1992, is that the title should have been Jurassic Park Vs Jurassic World . In my opinion I would say the action and adventure of Jurassic Park is still more than that of Jurassic world maybe is because Jurassic Park was the first of it’s kind. Don’t get me wrong I love Jurassic World, but for a Fan I will advice you to watch Jurassic Park again despite the 19th century tech which is not compare to modern day tech I believe your conclusion will not be different from mine. And I think also the ending of Jurassic World is just there nothing special. Remember this is how I view…

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