Top 5 Songs (June 2015)


Hiya guys,

Its Wednesday and I’m feeling really playful… So playful that I’m not gonna write funny epistles for you guys.

Instead, I’m just gonna give you a list of the five songs that I’ve really grown to like this rainy month, they call June!

I bet you’re gonna love at least three…

If you don’t….. Just give your reason in the comments section and I’ll be damned of I don’t reply, comprende?


R&R Top 5 Awesome Songs(June 2015)

1. Jason Derulo – want to want me (7/10)


2. Olamide – Shakiti-bobo (7/10)


3. Tori Kelly – nobody love (9/10)


4. Nicki minaj n Beyonce – feeling myself (8/10)


5. Post to be – Omarion, CB, Jhene Aiko (9/10)



Adios, Royal Pancakes!

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