Lol. 50 cent says he’s so broke he even owes his Grandfather @hitcitytv


We all know 50 Cent isn’t really broke, but he’s
making it look like he is, he recently gave the
bankruptcy judge a list of his many creditors,
and his Grand Dad, Curtis Jackson Sr. is among
According to the documents, 50 owes grandpa
Jackson $1,737.33.
50 also owes $137,880 to Bentley, $64,909 to
American Express (Credit card) and, 2 court
judgments totaling more than $23 million. And
there’s more that’s just boring debt.
The rapper is laughing off the bankruptcy, he
was even most recently seen making it rain on
Monday night at Ace of Diamonds strip club in
West Hollywood.
In his interview with Levinston on Wednesday,
he said:
“You get a bullseye painted on your back
when you’re successful, and it’s public to
know you’ve become the ideal person to
have lawsuits for.”

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