Timaya denies rape, says US-based accuser is blackmailing him


So I have reached out to Timaya to hear his side
of the story and he denies rape. Speaking
exclusively with LIB, Timaya said it was
consensual sex and the girl is now blackmailing
him. Timaya admitted that he hooked up with the
girl (pictured above) in his Atlanta hotel, but
says she agreed to the sex.
He said the girl, who he has been talking to for
about a year, contacted him when she found out
he was in the US for his tour and bugged him to
see him. He told her where he was and she
came to see him. He said from the minute she
entered the room, she started filming him.
He said after they finished having sex, the girl
continued filming him and began asking him
questions. He said she asked him if he enjoyed
the sex and he said yes, then she asked him if
she could follow him to his show and he said no
that he’s working…but that she could come later
and he would tell his people to let her in. She
then told him that they didn’t use a condom,
what if she gets pregnant? Timaya said he told
her that he didn’t want another baby, that he just
got a baby.
Timaya said she continued asking him questions
until he became very suspicious and dragged her
phone from her. That was when he realized that
the girl had been filming him the whole time. He
said he deleted the photos/video recordings and
asked her what her intentions/plans were? He
gave her back her phone and then realized that
for Iphones, you have to delete twice before it
will be completely wiped off. He then asked her
for the phone and she refused to give it to him
so he called hotel security.
The hotel security came to the room and asked
the lady why she was filming Timaya and she
said it was nothing serious, just for fun. Timaya
asked the hotel security to remove the girl from
his room but only after the lady has deleted the
video recordings. The hotel security advised
Timaya to let the girl go, that if she calls the
police and tells them he’s holding her hostage,
it’s a crime in the US. That was how he let her
go. Timaya said at no point did she tell security
that she had been raped when he called security
on her.
And after she left, she began calling to threaten
him, saying she would mess him up and ruin his
career for taking things far and calling security
on her.
He said she called him again demanding for
money to take herself to the hospital. He said he
left money by the reception for her and she
came to collect it. Then she called again to
harass him. When she continued harassing and
threatening him, he began begging her because
she’d already called someone in Nigeria that he
was close to accusing him of rape. She told the
dude that for her to keep quiet, Timaya has to
pay her $50,000 or she will publish their
recordings. He said he was begging her to stop
the blackmail and not because of any rape.
He said when the girl refused to stop, he
changed his US number, blocked her on
Whatsapp, and instagram so she could no longer
reach him for bargain and that was when she
created the account on instagram to carry out
her threat.

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