Music: Chubie & Xtremelife Releases New Album “Love & Life” Available Now || @xtremelifeM @chubieujah


Chubie & Xtreme life is a Nigerian based ministry with a vision of reaching out to the world with the life and love of God Funded in 2009 by Chubie Ujah, the ministry has been focused on drawing people closer to God Through praise and worship.

During the first five years, Chubie & Xtremelife have been focused on organizing worship meetings around Nigeria.  These meetings have been greatly impactful and inspiring to a lot of young ministers around the country.

In 2014, Chubie & Xtremelife got the release to start recording their songs, their first single was released in November 2014 titled “Because you are God ““You Reign” is their second official single.  On December 18, 2015, Chubie & Xtremelife held its first live DVD recording titled “Love & Life”

“Love & Life” is now out and available for purchase on digital music stores. You can also get copies from your CD vendors nationwide.

Chubie & Xtremelife offers a solid project with songs that will refresh you. Don’t miss this new album. Chubie & Xtremelife “Love & Life” album an absolute must-have!

Track list For “Love & Life”

  1. Intro (Band) 
    2.Great is the Lord –  Fred Akoh
    3.Psalm 150 – Fred Akoh
    4.Nobody Greater – Samuel Adaji  
    5.You Reign – Ele Akoh
    6.All Within – Esther David
    7.None Can Compare – Ozor Opara
    8.Greater than what people say – Samuel Adaji        
    9.Because You are God  – Ele Akoh
    10.Hosanna – Xtremelife                                                                                                        11.Blessed be your Name/Nobody Medley) – Ele Akoh and Samuel Adaji                                               12.Ojoneku Chewendu – Xtremelife                                                                                            13.Igala Praise Medley – Ele Akoh, Iye Oyibo, Mercy Ajayi and Mercy Emmanuel                   14.We Worship You – Fred Akoh



Links to buy “Love & Life”

buy on SHUZIA

Buy on iTunes



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