List and Video of the Top 5 Richest Nollywood Actors In Nigeria 2016 And Their Net Worth @hitcitytv


Nollywood Industry has really done a lot for many Nigerian actors and actresses for making them very rich and famous . We want to take out time to unveil top 5 richest Nollywood actors and their net worth 2016 and how far they’ve gone in their lives . It no news that Nollywood actors and actresses have emerged the richest people in Nigeria recently because they have been able to come out very successful in their acting hustle and even gone as far as investing in other areas like fashion and real estate business .

Big thanks to Nollywood Movie Industry for creating this opportunities for many gifted actors and actresses to showcase their gift . This platform has given then unlimited chance in using these advantages to create wealth for themself and live that fancy life that they crave for.

It is now time for Biography Room blog to unveil the Top 5 Richest Nollywood Actors along side their repective net worth .

1. Richard Mofe Damijo RMD


Couple of years ago the richest Nollywood actor use to beNkem Owoh but Richard Mofe Damijo RMD has unseat him from that title . Most of you who love Nollywood movies right from day one would probably not need any introduction of the veteran Nollywood super star . But for the sake of those us that doesn’t know much about him we will be disclosing some facts abot him.

Richard Mofe Damijo  is one of the oldest Nollywood actors who have really contributed a lot to Nigerian Movie Industry . This Nollywood actor does voice over for radio and TV commercials and have some  mouth watering deals for different companies . Needless to add, he was the former commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State.
Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth is $15 Million

2. Jim Iyke


Jim Iyke is not just an actor , he is also a proud business man . His money comes from two angles which are… 1, from movies acting and 2, from his business endeavor . Jim Iyke is one of the oldest Nollywood actors who is known for his women beating role in many movies . Many people would call him Jim Iyke the Nollywood bad boybecause he always take up a bad boy role in many movies . The Nollywood star started acting in the year 2001 and we are in 2016 he is still doing it .
Jim have a bottled water company called “Burgeon Table Water”,  clothing line called “Untamed Closet” and the founder of Jim lyke Foundation for Children with Special Disabilities .
Jim Iyke Net Worth is $8.0 Million

3. Desmond Elliot


Here comes another old time Nollywood star who alway play lover boy role in many Nollywood movies.  Desmond Elliot  is not just an actor , he also produces . He is an actor turned politician , this man is currently getting money from different angles and they are  acting, directing, endorsements and politics . He is now in the house of rep , he was crown the winner of Surulere Constituency in the April 11, 2015 Nigerian General Elections.
Desmond Elliot Net Worth – $10 Million

4. Nkem Owoh


Nkem Owoh  is an actor and a singer . He also has endorsment deals from many popular companies . He is one of the highly respected Nollywood actors know for his gestures and humor, he is very funny and most times he is featured in comely like movies . He is very spontenous in displaying his acting flair .
His net worth is ….

5. Chidi Mokeme


Another man worthy to appears on this list of richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria 2016  is Chidi Mokeme . Chidi Mokeme is a Nigerian actor, model and a TV host as you can say he gets money from three angles . He finally got noticed worldwide when he presented in the first two seasons of popular Nigerian Reality TV Show, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS). Chidi Mokeme started acting since 1995 and right now he is a big meat in the Industry .
Chidi Mokeme Net Worth is $7.0 mIllion

We are wrapping up our ranking at number five but we are going to be mentioning some famous names who are also worthy to be listed here . They are ;

Segun ArinzeRamsey NoahJohn OkaforMike EzurounyePete EdochieNonso Diobi

If you want us to include any Nollywood actor /actors on this list you can communicate that via the comment box below . As soon as you bring their names on we will critically examine them if they are fit to appear before we add them .

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