What is BooMCity all About? 


This is a platform we have setup to promote the Nigeria artists which are still in the street and that have good inspirational songs to impact in the lives of many, BooMCity is not just an Event, but a platform to Attend to the Upcoming in the Area they are lacking.
BooMCity have a lot to offer, we also have “BooMCity Magazine”, and all of this are for the growth of Nigeria Music, Comedy and Film Industry, a lot of talent are in the street that need a hand, and this is where we want to come in, we are offering a lot that will change the level you are, as an Upcoming Artist, you will see this under “BENEFITS” You can’t remain in one position for ever, somethings has to change in you as an Artist, you can stay for five years waiting to blow but still in one place.
Why not change hand, why not trying another form of getting yourself known, “HitCityTV” is not here for your money but for your success.. 



Check out what you can benefits if you register to “BooMCity

  1. Free Music video for a QUALIFIED ARTIST.
  2. Record Deal
  3. Performance will be shown on air and on youtube…